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Каталог Axiomtek. 2022.

Формат А4, 135 страниц

Каталог Axiomtek. 2022.

Каталог встраиваемых промышленных компьютеров Axiomtek. Данные ПК предназначены для различных промышленных применений и транспорта.

2021  Product Solution Guide

Формат А4, 254 страницы

2020 Condensed Catalog

Формат А4, 406 страниц

2020  Product Solution Guide

Формат А4, 88 страниц

Каталог "Touch Panel Computers" (Eng)

Формат А4, 195 страниц

Каталог "Touch Panel Computers" (Eng)

Axiomtek has been working with customers from various industries for years and we fully understand market demands and requirements. Based on our ample experience, we have incorporated valuable features and applied the latest technology into our touch panel computers to help our customers achieve the highest performance possible by providing a range of products catered toward today's highly competitive market.

Каталог  "Heavy duty" (Eng)

Формат А4, 48 страниц

Каталог "Heavy duty" (Eng)

Axiomtek has been a leading supplier of applied computing platforms for more than 25 years. We have been providing comprehensive and highly integrated industrial computing systems for a variety of industrial applications. Our computing platforms feature:

  • Flexibility for CPU types
  • Extensive expansion capabilities
  • Low-power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature ranges
  • Fanless designs

To fulfill the diverse needs of our customers, Axiomtek offers a complete range of industrial and embedded systems.

Каталог "Embedded Boards & SoMs" (Eng)

Формат А4, 200 страниц

Каталог "Embedded Boards & SoMs" (Eng)

With many years of experience, Axiomtek provides product solutions from components (SBC, chassis and accessory individually) to platforms (SBC with embedded OS ported plus system enclosure and related wiring kits integrated). This is an evolution milestone that improves customers' system design TTM (Time-to-Market) and speeds up the turnover without increasing business overhead; especially, for project-based business essence. In addition, to reduce the entry barrier for tailor-made requirements as embedded applications are frequently asked to, the COM Express, ETX are born to be a suitable and reliable path to the way of satisfaction through customized baseboard design with less R&D time and efforts, and without dealing with the critical core logic tune-up.

Therefore, Axiomtek continues to lead the way to benefit both customers andsuppliers with better design concepts and pre/post-service considerations.

Каталог "Industrial & Embedded Computers" (Eng)

Формат А4, 248 страниц

Каталог "Industrial & Embedded Computers" (Eng)

With over twenty years of experience in the industrial computing field, Axiomtek has been devoted to providing computing systems that deliver features such as flexible CPU types offering low power consumption, fanless designs, friendly mechanisms, improved expansion capability, scalable storage interfaces, wide range operating temperature, and fast time-to-market. To fulfill customers' diverse needs, Axiomtek offers an extensive line of Embedded Systems (eBOX series), MicroBox series, Embedded Field Controllers (rBOX series), Industrial Barebone Systems (IPC series), industrial chassis (AX & MicroBox series), backplanes as well as other peripherals and accessories.